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With over 75 years of experience in Currency Printing for India as well as for foreign countries, SPMCIL units have created a niche for themselves in the market.

Our Currency Note Press (CNP) is equipped with state of art complete Pre printing and offset facilities, Intaglio Printing machines, Numbering and Finishing machines and Post-Printing processes. Bank Note Press is another SPMCIL’s technically intensive unit having designing, engraving, up-to-date complete Pre-printing and Offset facilities, Intaglio Printing machines, Numbering & Finishing machines. It is also a leading security ink manufacturer.

Both the Currency Note printing units have fool-proof accounting of security items, stringent security systems with ultra modern, ecofriendly efficient treatment facilities complemented by a service department to ensure maximum in transit security. Our units have captive railway treasury wagons/ carriages for transporting treasury consignments. Our product portfolio for Indian market is as follows:

We incorporate variety of latest security features – overt & covert features, optical features, forensic features through paper, inks, designs and security threads etc.

For more details on Currency produced, please refer to our products section at CNP Nashik and BNP Dewas.


Over Two Centuries of Minting Excellence

We coin trust and value
India Government Mints (IGM) at Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Noida have rich minting heritage and a legacy of producing quality minted products. IGMs offer comprehensive range of services covering every stage of minting process – from planning to the finished products. Utilization of advanced technology, innovation, quality and reliable delivery methods are key strengths of our mints.

Creating value beyond Minting
In product development and quality assurance, IGMs strictly follow global laboratory standards. IGMs circulation coin production conforms to ISO certified quality management standards. Impeccability is given importance as the quality assurance departments are fully equipped with advanced assay laboratories and specialized analysis techniques to ensure excellence in end products.

Gaining International recognition
IGMs have a permanent membership of the Mint Directors Conference. They have struck coins for countries like Greece, Sri Lanka, East Africa, Australia, Egypt, Bhutan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Oman in the past, and now of Thailand & Dominican Republic.

Circulation Coins
The manufacturing process of circulating coins at SPMCIL constitutes a perfect symbiosis between centuries old art of engraving, the minting process and the most advanced industrial processes including world class technology and material management, traceability, automation to furnish the coins adhering to extreme quality and security norms.
Different Designs of coins issued in Circulation by Government of India till date

Commemorative/Collector’s Coins
The commemorative/ collectors’ coins are anybody’s prized possession. And the range of these exclusive coins manufactured by IGMs are the result of proven track record, where key words like efficiency, excellence and elegance are to be reckoned with. These commemorative coins are manufactured in Proof and Uncirculated variety.

For more details on Coins produced, please refer to our IGMs products section at Mumbai, Kolkata, Noida and Hyderabad.

Security Products

Preserving the sanctity of valuable documents
With more than 80 years of experience, Security Printing presses of SPMCIL employ specialized technology and multiple printing processes to produce security products under secure operating procedures and manufacturing protocols. The printing processes adopted for security printing are carried through offset, Photogravure and Letterpress processes.

Wide Spectrum of Security End Products
India Security Press (ISP), Nashik has exclusive printing facility and expertise in the production of commemorative Postal Stamps. Advance machines like Automatic Passport Booklet Manufacturing Systems, world class standard Guillotine machines, Perforating machines, latest cheque printing systems are used to produce premium quality products.

Security Printing Press (SPP), Hyderabad is equipped with modern pre-press plate making systems and post printing techniques with processing facility for Perforation, Numbering, UV Print Technology, Online Envelope making, Inland Letters, Aerograms, Postal Stationary etc.

Key security products manufactured include

Postal Items
(Post cards, Envelops, Inland letter cards, Postal orders etc.)
Non Judicial Stamp papersPostage Stamps
(Public & Commemorative)
(Excise labels, certificates, Revenue Stamps, ID Cards, Security Seals etc.)
(E-Passports & Visa)
MICR & Non MICR Cheque

For more details on Security products, please refer to our products section at ISP Nashik and SPP Hyderabad.

Medallion, W&M, Bullion

Activities of India Government Mints (IGMs) are not restricted to minting of coins. Minting of items like Medallions and Investment coins also falls within its ambit of operations. IGM at Kolkata has a dedicated medals department where medals are manufactured for Central Government including (Ministry of Home affair & Ministry of defence) various Universities, Schools Colleges, various temples, trusts and various Government & non- government organizations. Kolkata mint manufactures prestigious medals like Bharat Ratna, Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan, Param Vir chakra & Vir Chakra.

Weights & Measures
IGM at Mumbai is the authorized agency to manufacture and supply, Reference, Secondary and Working Standards of Mass, Length and Volume against the traceability of corresponding Standard Sets authenticated by National Physical Laboratory (NPL), India. IGM produces reference, secondary and working measures for mass and length, & secondary and working measures for capacity.

IGMs have made a niche in the minting world – with excellence in design, expertise in minting precious metals, and above all, a long tradition of craftsmanship. Assay Departments in IGMs are one of the very few laboratories in India to have all the testing facilities required for testing gold and silver as per Indian Standards and any other relevant International Standards. IGMs spearhead in refining the offerings of precious metals made to various temples, religious places, trust etc. and minting them into coins. Standard Gold bars are also produced in the weights of: 10g, 50g, 100g & 1000g (fineness 995.0). IGM also makes gold ingots weighing 12.44 kg, kept by RBI as national gold reserve.

For more details on Medals, please refer to our products section at IGM Kolkata , IGM Mumbai.
For more details on Weights an Measures, please refer to our products section at IGM Mumbai.
For more details on Bullion, please refer to our products section at IGM Mumbai.

Security Paper

Security Paper Mill (SPM), Narmadapuram has pioneered security paper production in India since 1967 where Cylinder Mould Watermark Security Paper with various overt and covert features are manufactured using latest technology and know-how.

Numerous security features are incorporated in the paper including Fluorescence Fibres, Multi-tonal three Dimensional Watermark, Electrotype Watermark, various types of Security Threads, Tangents etc. Adoption of Eco-friendly processes and energy conservation aspects are assigned utmost importance during manufacturing.

For more details on Security Paper, please refer to our products section at SPM Narmadapuram


The Ink Factory, Bank Note Press, Dewas situated in the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh which is engaged in the printing of currency notes and manufacture of security inks. This is a unit of Security Printing & Minting Corporation of India Limited, wholly owned by Ministry of Finance, Government of India. The Ink Factory was established in 1974. Initially the major products were Dry Offset Inks in different inks, Letterpress and Gravure inks. Over the period of time the scientists of Ink Factory made dedicated efforts to develop varieties of inks used in different security documents.

The major inks for Passport, Visa, Stamp papers, Postal stationaries, Bank documents, certificates etc. are made at Ink Factory and supplied to different security presses like India Security Press, Currency Note Press, and Security Printing Press etc. To mention a few out of major achievement of Ink Factory are inhouse development of formulations for all inks, numbering inks, invisible inks, bifluorescent ink, infrared sensitive inks, conventional intaglio inks and the most important Quickset Intaglio Inks.

Bank Note Press, Dewas as well as other currency printing presses were getting Quickset Intaglio inks from foreign. In 2006, Ink Factory took up the challenge to develop the Quickset Intaglio inks in-house. Vigorous R&D efforts were made by the Scientists of Ink Factory. Commercial bulk production was made in the year 2009-10.

Initially the Ink Factory was installed to manufacture 240 MT of different inks in a year. Keeping in view the increasing demand of the bank notes, the need for parallel expansion of Ink Factory was felt and decision was taken by SPMCIL Corporate Office and Ministry of Finance to erect a new Ink Factory building and install new machines and other auxiliary equipment to raise the production capacity to 1500 MT of different Inks. The ink factory supplies total requirement of BNP, CNP, ISP and SPP except OVI/ CSI ink. The excess capacity is being supplied to BRBNMPL Mysore and Salboni presses regularly. Once the shifting of existing old plant and machineries are shifted to new plant and it becomes operational fully, the capacity of the Ink Factory will reach to 1500 MT per year.